The Characters of the Universe

The League of Non-Aligned Worlds

Secretary General, Thedred Dormammu [Tim Hall]
Chair of the Security Council,  Barry Mordo [vacancy]

Earth Empire & Solar Republic

First Minister Rathbone

First Minister and Treasury Minister, Sebastian Rathbone [Rob Cooper]

Foreign Minister, Senator Ozkok  [James Kemp]

First Space Lord, Grand Admiral Andrew Burwasher  [Peter Howland]
Minister for the Colonies, Senator Armstrong,  [vacancy]

Greater Federation of Asteel

Vice President GFA, Ronald T Furtz [vacancy]
Secretary of State, Mohammed Attar [Tom Hayllar]
Secretary for Defence, Raven Westcote [Nick Luft]
Commander in Chief GFA Navy, Paramount Admiral Hogan Stipes [Tom Mouat]

Martian Association of Free Colonies

Supreme Councillor and Minister for War  Senator Cornelius [Simon Cornelius]
Representative for Foreign Affairs, Tha-Sho Hojo [Richard Hands]
Minister for the Colonies [vacancy]

Republic of New Venus

President Kudriavy [Stephen Brown]
Minister of Defence, Admiral Erika Von Daniken [Pete Ess]
Foreign Minister [vacancy]
Interior Minister [vacancy]

Wolf 359 Commonwealth

Prime Minister Young [Mike Young]
Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Carley [vacancy]
Foreign Minister [vacancy]

Sirius Socialist Republic

President Rachael Kapushinski [Serena Jones]
Minister of Defence, Gu-An San-Martin [vacancy]
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nathan Kinsky [vacancy]

Centauri Conglomerate

Chief Executive and Chair of the Centauri Democratic Board, Virgil Atlantic  [Jo-Anne Powney]
Deputy Chief Executive and Finance Director, Conrad White [vacancy]
Marketing and Corporate Relations Director (= Foreign minister), Marcella Bich [vacancy]


Federated Worlds of the Outer Quadrants (Quadrant 1)

President Jackson of the FWOQ

President William Jackson [vacancy]
Commander of the Alliance Fleets, High Admiral Xen [vacancy]

Sirius Socialist Republic (Q1)

Governor Mella Casa-Vub [Stephen Brown]

Union of Xyon (Q1)

Governor Alex Marunchak SoD  [Jo-Anne Powney]

Greater Federation of Asteel (Q1)

Governor Quantrella B Zoob [John Rutherford]

Earth Empire (Q1)

Governor Danso Tupac Ashanti [James Kemp]

Republic of New Venus (Q1)

Governor Klaus Dechau [Rob Cooper]

Q1 Security Union

Supremo Barbara Ella [Richard Hands]



The New Republic (Q7)

Secretary of State Elaine Harpy [John Rutherford]
Chancellor of the New Republic, MilliCent Yen [Jerry Elsmore]

Earth Empire (Q7)

Governor [vacancy]
Fleet Commander [vacancy]

Republic of New Venus (Q7)

Governor [vacancy]
Fleet Commander [vacancy]

Greater Federation of Asteel (Q7)

Governor [vacancy]
Fleet Commander [vacancy]

Martian Association of Free Colonies (Q7)

Supreme Councillor Bradbury [Richard Hands]
Fleet Commander [vacancy]

Wolf359 Commonwealth (Q7)

Governor [vacancy]
Fleet Commander [vacancy]

Sirius Socialist Republic (Q7)

Governor [vacancy]
Fleet Commander [vacancy]

Centauri Conglomerate (Q7)

Governor [vacancy]
Fleet Commander [vacancy]

Union of Xyon (Q7)

Governor [vacancy]
Fleet Commander [vacancy]