History of Wolf 359 Commonwealth

(All dates are UC.)

2850 Remote probe explores the Wolf 359 system and finds a ‘habitable’ world.
2870 LeTappier’s engineering and science team build the first working prototype superluminal ship ‘PROMETHEUS’.
2875 Wolf Colony Ltd. formed in Great Britain (Earth) and successfully bids for the rights to the Wolf 359 System. Wolf Colony Trust of London (Britain, Earth) created.
2876 Royal family asked to bless project. Prince Albert (5th in line to the British throne) becomes head of the project.
2878 Colony ship leaves earth for Wolf 359 system, lead by Prince Albert.
2879 Colony ship ‘Land of Hope & Glory’ lands on Wolf 359/4.  Planet named Wolf.
Prince Albert crowned King Albert VII. Ceremony held on landing ramp of colony ship.
Landing site named New London.  Wolf settled by the first wave of Wolf Colony Limited colonists.  King Albert renounces all claims to the British throne.
2880-2930 Extensive terra forming performed on planet. Leaves Wolf as a very poor colony, but with a bright future.
2900-2930 THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WAR. The Commonwealth escaped very lightly in the ‘war’ as the Commonwealth has always had a zero tolerance policy in regard to AI’s. Any AI’s discovered are always dismantled. They have no rights within the confines of the commonwealth.
2920 Due to a lack of support from Earth before and during the war and the increasingly unsupportable demands of the Solar Republic, a motion is put before parliament in New London calling for independence from the Solar Republic. The motion is passed unanimously and independence from the Republic is declared.
2922-2923 THE WAR OF INDEPENDANCE. In 2922, the Solar Republic sent a small fleet to retake control of the newly independent ‘Commonwealth’. This fleet was comprehensively beaten at the outer edges of the Wolf 359 system by Admiral George Farquar Jones.  The battle and Admiral Jones’ tactical dissertations have become required reading for all Fleet Academy graduates.  No further attempts were made by the Republic to retake the Commonwealth and the Republic recognised The Wolf 359 Commonwealth as an independent state in 2924.
2924 The Wolfers make their first serious attempt at colonising worlds outside the Wolf 359 system. New Edo and Barta are selected. It takes a third of the Wolfer’s reserves to mount these missions. Due to competition, the New Edo colony is eventually abandoned. However the colonising of Barta is a success and quickly draws colonists, due to its mild climate and lack of required terra forming.
2926 The second and last major wave of colonists arrive on Wolf. These tend to be high tech specialists who were offered favourable working conditions by the Wolfen government. This leads to a massive expansion of Wolf’s high tech base, eventually leading Wolf to it’s pre-eminent position in high technology areas that it has today.
2930 Wolf 359 Commonwealth declared.
2934 Royal Wolfen Army formed. Commonly referred to as just the ‘Royal Army’. Combines all ground forces. Marines, regulars and guard forces.
2935 Royal Wolfen Navy formed. Commonly referred to as just the ‘Royal Navy’.
2937 Royal Wolfen Aerospace Force formed. Commonly referred to as the ‘RAF’.
2940 Due to the improvement in the Wolfen economy, Shawwal and A712 are colonised.
2950 Archer system colonised. (Quadrant 2 – First Wolfen colony outside quadrant 0.)
2957 Id system colonised. (Quadrant 2).
2961 Scott system colonised. (Quadrant 5).
2962 Zen system colonised. (Quadrant 4).
2967 King Albert VII dies aged 95. Queen Elizabeth IX ascends throne. Old Earth naming conventions abandoned and Queen Elisabeth becomes Queen Elizabeth I.
2969 Archer system up-rising. (Quadrant 2).
2970 Prtoprnss colonised. (Quadrant 7).
2971 Archer re-taken. ‘Act of the colonies’, allowing colonies more autonomy passed.
2988 V7 colonised. (Quadrant 7).
2995 Omelos accepted in to the Commonwealth. (Quadrant 4).
3001 Due to the increasing size of the armed forces required to maintain colonial duties, Evangelou is colonised by the combined armed forces. All major military equipment production naval and army is moved here. All forces’ HQ’s are moved to Evangelou in 3002. The Evangelou system is also used as a test and exercise site. All these combine to make the Evangelou system off limits to non-military traffic.
3002 Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom formed to protect Wolf 359 home systems. Based on Wolf itself.
3008 Rimmer colonised for use as a prison for hardened prisoners or prisoners who have committed capital crimes. Prisoners are currently used in mining operations. Rimmer is off limits to unauthorised traffic.
3012 Queen Elizabeth I dies aged 90 and King Andrew I ascends throne.
3028 P05 colonised. (Quadrant 5).
3048 Asvina colonised. (Quadrant 5).
3072 King Andrew I dies aged 112 and King Stephen I ascends throne.
3074 King Stephen I dies aged 85 and Queen Ann I ascends throne.
Queen Ann dies in a tragic hover lift accident aged 53. The Commonwealth morns a very popular public figure.
King Mark I ascends the throne.
3150 Tigris colonised. (Quadrant 2).
3155 Moll and Scorcher colonised. (Quadrant 2).
3174 King Mark I dies aged 119. King Stabilo I ascends the throne.
3182 King Stabilo I dies aged 103. King Stabilo II ascends throne.
3196-3200 THE EXTERMINATOR WAR. Commonwealth forces have assisted where possible in defending the human colonies from the Berserker aggression. The Commonwealth as a whole is increasing its military production and recruitment under the ‘Defence of the realm act’, passed in 3197 and expects to be up to maximum production very shortly.