INN Reports T148

3217.350 to 3217.399

In Brief:  ‘We Love The Empire Day!” declared on Molass Q1

In Brief: ASS Wanna Live Forever from Fleet Richard E Fleming (Q7) was wrecked in fusion core incident.  Damage reported as ‘beyond economic repair’.

In Brief: Old Calamity (Q8) reports serious medical emergency caused by dino flu pandemic on the main continent.

In Brief: ESS Ulysses, heavy cruiser from Earh’s 3rd Colonial fleet has been reported lost in hyperspace while on a routine training cruise.  Captain Hardman and all hands reported missing.

In Brief: T581 (Q1) votes to join the Federated Worlds of the Outer Quadrants.









INN Reports T147


Dateline 3217.265 KAMI Q1

26494635.295Rival colonial groupings on Kami have been arming themselves for several octants now, and observers were sure the dispute over the resource-rich Quinch Islands would erupt into armed conflict any day.  But thanks to the intervention of mediators from the Federated Worlds, the situation has been defused and a formal agreement signed between the parties in conflict.  So confident are the locals that the agreement will hold, that they are cutting short the contracts of the many off-word mercenaries they had hired, and sending them away.

As spokesperson for the Costa Nostra Colony said “… them guys from the Castor Colony … well we had them all wrong, y’know.  I mean, they’re just working joes like us.  I even got one of them to buy me a drink!  Har Har .. whoda thought it…”

Reports are coming in of a fledgling global government too, which will bode well for the future development of the colony.

In Brief:  GFA Navy report that ASS ON LINE HELP from Fleet Bernard J Ray has been ‘Lost in Hyperspace’ due to unspecified system failure during a routine transit.  Captain Kent and all hands listed as missing.


Dateline 3217.241 Okus Q7

Outer_Jungle_by_artoziLocal colonial farmers and scientists are mystified by an area of coast on the remote Agincourt Archepelago.  There is a region approximately 30 km across that has so far ‘resisted’ efforts to colonise or even investigate.  Survey teams either disappear completely, or return deranged beyond cure.  So far, the area has been quarantined and the colonists keep describing the area as ‘haunted by space ghosts’.  Superstitious nonsense aside, there is some indication from reliable sources that this is some new phenomenon and a physical effect unlike any previously encountered.  Scientists from the University of Shi’ar are reported to have gained access rights from the locals and are heading to Okus now to conduct a thorough investigation.

In Brief: Civil war on T45 (Q3) continues, over 16,000 civilian casualties to date.

 In Brief: W3 (Q7) says there is no cause for concern over minor virus outbreak.  Colony ‘open for business’ says chief.

In Brief:  Nebok elects NDP/COP coalition in relitively non-violent election.  GFA ‘delighted’.

In Brief: Wolfer HMS Vamplate (CVI) in accidental collision with supply shuttle and seriously damaged.  32 space crew killed.

In Brief:  We Love The Empire Day! Declared on Ramrod Q1

In Brief:  Health concerns causing panic on Z181 Q8

INN Reports T146

In Brief : Senator Banderas to head political mission with Armada.  You heard it here first!

Bloody Battles Continue on W3

Dateline W3 Q7 3217.241

bf2142gamescreenshot1The war in the Deep Hole Colony  between the Deep Colonial Corporation and the Deep Democratic Association continues to be a bloody and indecisive affair, as both sides have exhausted their supplies of advanced weaponry an equipment and are relying on low tech weapons.   No clear result has emerged in the mountain battles in the  Interstitial Mountains region.  There continue to be air battles to control the disputed airspace over the mountains.  Refugees fleeing the conflict are now becoming a major burden on the colonial towns outside the war zone.

In Brief: Padmasambnava (Q8) admits that it has a major health issue with Dino Flu.

Nebok Deadlock over Presidency

Dateline Nebok Q7 3217.234

Following the dramatic events of last year, when Esteeler forces forcibly removed the former Dictator Angmar Arcadius, the new democratic process on Nebok has been fraught with difficulty.  Having little experience of democratic processes, the Nebokian parties have been unable to reach agreement on the appointment of a new Presisanhedrindent.  This has been further complicated by internecine violence, with former Arcadius loyalists being accused of political murders and terrorists bombings, though their political wing, the Nebok First Party have distanced themselves from violence.  The New Democracy party has also been criticised for its programme of revenge killing of former Arcadians, or suspected ex-members of the secret police or their informer.  A small group of GFA Advisors remain on Nebok to help with the transition to democracy, but these too have been attacked, though fortunately there have been no fatalities as yet.  At the last election disputes over election irregularities and street violence means that the two main candidates Jen Transat (NFP) and Walter Provigo  (NDP) each claim victory and no agreement on either a coalition or a clear winner has yet been forthcoming.

In Brief: Civil war on T45 (Q3) continues unabated.  Civilian casualties mounting.

116AL Declares Martial Law

Dateline 116AL Q7 3217.222

anti-transhumanFollowing a continued campaign of violence by the Defend And Free Transhumans terrorist group, the Colonial Government has declared martial law, and mobilised the planetary militia.  All register Transhumans have been relocated to secure protection facilities to ensure their safety during a time of emergency.  In addition, and Sirius citizens with robot servants or associates have had their robots taken to a secure storage facility for the duration as a ‘sensible precaution’.  This action has provoked a formal protest from the SSR consulate on 116AL.  A spokesperson for the 116AL colonial Government said “These are difficult times and we must act decisively to protect our colony from enemies of the Empire.  We have tried to be conciliatory and our kindnesses have been interpreted by some as weakness.  The Government is very clear on its resolve to root out terrorists and the supporters of terrorists.”

In Brief: W2 (Q7) colony growth hampered by Dino Flu outbreak.

Empire Reaches Security Agreement with FWOQ

Dateline Summers World (Q1) 3217.236

The office of the Imperial Govovernor for Q1 has announced a  a new mutual trade and secur14213ity treaty with the Federated Worlds of the Outer Quadrants.  Under this new arrangement there will, apparently, be an anti-piracy inteligence-sharing protocol, the establishment of a coordination arrangement for anti-pirate patrols, and a consultation mechanism for interstellar crisis management.  A spokesperson for the Empire said “This is an historic occasion where the worlds of our two great polities can feel secure in the knowledge that out joint efforts are being wielded against a common threat.”.  President Jackson said, in the FWOQ Senate “Here in the Federation we have a tradition of sticking up for the minor powers and the independents – and our relationship with the Empire secures this position for many years to come.  I see our role as being in the forefront of activity for the greater good of humanity”.

In Brief: Governor of Franklin’s World (Q7)  demands extradition of Martian naval personnel on charges of ‘murder’ of a synthetic citizen.

INN Special Report T145 – WOLF


Dateline 3217.205

wolf news conference

The new head of the Royal Navy Sir George Zambellas, speaking at the launch of a new Royal Navy vessel, revealed a very clear position of the Navy in Wolf external relations.

“Colleagues and guests. We are facing the most challenging security environment in many generations. If anti-alien engagements over the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that overwhelming the alien’s defences as quickly as possible and destroying high value targets is critical, either at a planetary level or their fleet command units. Attritional battles are not in our interests” 

He went on to say. “…we will, in the long run, place a greater emphasis on scouting as this is also a critical factor in not allowing the enemy to get a toe hold in human space. Thus we will be increasing the size of our scouting forces. Our fleets in addition to better scouting capability also need to be better equipped to operate remotely, to take the fight to the enemy.”

The Admiral re-afferimed the RN’s approach, that direct action remains at the centre of their doctrine, “…our forces must be able to operate anywhere, including outside human space. To go where the enemy is and to obliterate …”

In referring to the launch of the new warship the HMS Blaze of Glory  the admiral spoke of posessing ships that will allow the Wolfer Navy to “…To scatter their atoms to the four corners of the Galaxy and make it clear to everyone that Humanity is not to be messed with”

He went on to express the view that the Wolfer Navy “…could destroy them without putting any real effort in. Only then will we have guaranteed security”

This is being interpreted by observers that the Wolf position of exterminating the Chosen has not substantially altered since the Zubat Incident – as one un-named source said “We’re going out there to destroy them, right, not study them or bring them back”.

The new Prime Minister Caleb Young said, when questioned by INN about the Admiral’s remarks  “I couldn’t have said it better myself”


INN Reports T145

In Brief : New Mars – rumours of Senator Banderas becoming a special envoy on the forming Grand Armada have been described as ‘premature speculation’.

Failure Caused by ‘Aliens’

Dateline Y18 Q7 3217.202

Grey_aliens_are_welcomedColonists who evacuated the failed colony of Y18 out in the lonely outer quadrant of Q7 are reporting that their colony failed not as a result of bad luck or administrative incompetence, but as a result of intervention by aliens. Colonial Council Member, Joey-Bob Redneck said “…them gol-darned aileen varmits used to come at night and sleep with our food and eat our womenfolks …”.  Whilst readers in Q0 might have dismissed this as the ramblings of inbred incompetent colonists, there is some evidence to back up claims that there was something odd in the nighbourhood of Y18 – in particular unexplained missing persons, domesticated fauna mutilations and mysterious crop-flattening incidents.  The colonists managed to record some blurry footage of what looked like landing shuttles – but of a type previously unknown, not human, forerunner, roach or exterminator.

In Brief : Dino flu outbreak ‘100% under control’ according to Fiddle (Q8) colonial authorities.

War on W3

Dateline W3 Q7 3217.216

27Warfare has become much more intense in the Deep Hole Colony  between the Deep Colonial Corporation and the Deep Democratic Association.  The fighting is particularly fierce in the Interstitial Mountains region, and the neighbouring Tree Of Life Colony has been drawn into the fighting on the side of the DDA.  There have been major air battles to control the disputed airspace over the mountains and the key high passes have seen some particularly bloody battles.

In Brief: Major riots on W5 following vital drug shortages.

Snivey Governor Resigns

Dateline Snivey Q1 3217.234

businessmanIn a surprise move the Governor of MAFC colony of Snivey, Councillor Abe Kinoshi has resigned after admitting certain inappropriate activities while in office.  His legal spokesperson said “Councillor Abe regrets his former dishonourable actions and feels that the only correct action is to resign immediately and submit himself to the authorities.  He will cooperate fully with any investigation”.  Along with Councillor Abe’s resignation, were the arrest of a further 32 officials from his administration, pending enquiries into corruption, abuse of powers and taxation irregularities.  The new acting Governor, Councillor Rex Dreamzone of the opposition New Helix Party said “Strewth!  This was a big shock to us all … especially as we thought old Abe was pretty much untouchable … er … I mean was held in high esteem.  Anyway I’ll be able to run things until the elections, no worries!”

In Brief: Carsh (Q7) authorities introduce additional health screening as “…a precautionary measure”

Clean-Up on Lakshmi

Dateline Lakshmi Q8 3217.222

cropped-space_station_22nd_century.jpgThe new colonial government on Lakshmi has conducted a major re-structuring of its trading infrastructure.  This has involved taking over the running of Lakshmi Station, following long-standing complaints about corruption and lawlessness on the station, and a widely-held suspicion that the station was a covert ‘freeport’.  Supported by mercenary starship marines, the Colonial Ministry of Trade enforced a compulsory purchase order on the station, and has now replaced all the key personel and implement extensive investigations into working practices and the application of space traffic control regulations.  A number of merchant starships were impounded when it was found that their ownershp and identity documntation was incomplete or ambiguous.  The new Station CEO, Martinette Kweeg said “Honest spacers have not been getting a fair deal before now – I aim to make Lakshmi Station a beacon of fair trading and safety in this part of Quadrant 8.”.

In Brief : Contact lost with newly-settled Getaway colony Q8.

Battles in the Hunger Mountains

Dateline R46 Q4 3217.229

vietnam-soldiers-1The aspiring colonists on R46 have been in conflict over control of the Red-Mercury-rich Hunger Mountains on this colony world.  Unable to reach agreement on access to the important deposits, the various mining colonies have been increasingly arming themselves to protect their vital economc interests.  There have been widespread accusations of armed ‘claim jumping’, and the newly established colonies are increasingly operating like militarised armed camps and fighting has been almost continuous in recent octants.

In Brief: Jink economy reported as suffering due to poor health of colonists.

INN Reports T144

In Brief:  New Draconis refugee numbers top 1/4 million point.

Terrorists Bomb  Transhuman Registration Office

Dateline 3217.132 116AL Q7

US_Navy_damageA massive explosion was heard throughout the captial city of the 116Al colony, as a suicide bomb attack utterly devasted government offices in the downtown area of the city.  Over 64 colonists died in the attack, and over 128 were badly injured.   The attackers hijacked a municiple vehicle, filled it with explosives and deliberately drove it into the front of the Transhuman Registration Office, whereupon the driver (as yet unidentified) detonated the explosives.  A group calling itself ‘Defend And Free Transhumans’ has claimed responsibility and has blamed the ‘oppressive and totally evil acts of the Empire’ as being the reason for this senseless attack.  The planetary COP chief said “…we are horrified at the actions of a small group of dangerous cyborgs… this is an inhuman and vicious attack on all decent folk.  Now we’re not suggesting that all cyborgs are culpable, but we do urge all those who have not yet registered to do so for their own protection.  Once registered we can provide a place of safety for them.  Those who do not register … well we will have to draw the obvious conclusion as to their respect for the law…”.

Alreayd there have been revenge attacks – mainly misdirected against robot repair shops, auto-taxis and vending machines – there are few transhumans remaining on 116AL – the few remaining having gone into hiding or keeping a very low profile.

In Brief:  Shi’Ar announce that they are refusing entry to their system of any transhumans.

In Brief: Nikkeldipan (Q7) introduces protective custody regulations for local transhumans in order to ‘ reduce unrest’.

‘We Love The Empire Day’

Dateline 3217.141 Punk Q1

vigil2The planetary governor of Punk expressed her suprise and delight when the ‘we love the Empire’ campaign went viral on the local planetnet.  It is estimated that over 3 million colonists took to the streets in an unofficial and apparently un-prompted expressions of support for the Earth Empire and a public acknowledgement of how happy they are to be part of what is being called locally ‘the Great Family of Earth’.  Much of this popularity for the empire appears to derive from the recent actions of the imperial planetary governor, Her Excellency the Lady Postlethwaite – she has managed to negotiate some of the long-standing sectarian troubles on Punk, as well as maintain a healthy economic profile.  Local government representatives have all publically commended her for her flexibility and understanding of local problems.

In Brief: T155 (Q8) changes name to ‘Reconciliation’ as new government pardons senior figures of the disgraced CSP.

Banderas faces questions over Sirius AI “cover up”

Dateline New Mars Q0, 3217

banderasMartian chief executive Senator Banderas is at the centre of an increasing political storm in Martian politics over an alleged “cover-up” of intelligence failures regarding the alleged Sirian AI, destroyed by Earther marines as part of a joint Earth-Mars operation in 3214. While the Martian government has always maintained that it believes there was an AI on Sirius, the intelligence surrounding this has been called into question by inquiries in both the MAFC and documents released by the Union of Xyon. Now a series of secret internal memoranda leaked by a whistleblower within the MAFC government purports to show that Senator Banderas not only discovered that the intelligence was faulty, but that the Martian government and intelligence services now believe that the entire operation was actually a plot concocted by Earher intelligence in order to provide a pretext for the destruction of Sirian military facilities and entrap the MAFC, and that the Senator ordered this information suppressed in order to preserve Mars’ diplomatic relations with Earth, in particular joint cooperation with Earth and the UoX on the development of gravitic ships.

Senator Banderas has denied all of the allegations, and says that she continues to believe that there was an AI on Sirius, and has no reason to doubt the Earther narrative of events on Sirius. She has also said that the leaked documents are “fakes, calculated to embarrass” her, concoted by a political opponent, but the opposition Martian Liberal Welfare Party has called for a full judicial inquiry into the matter, and the polls have moved decisively against Banderas, with public calls for her to publish her confidential diplomatic correspondence to prove her innocence. Antoinette Banderas has led her federalist Mars Colonial Growth Faction in coalition with governments of both the left and the right since 3202, and has held the positions of Minister for Foreign Affairs (from 3205-6 and 3210-present) and Minister for War (from 3206-3210). Since 3210 she has been Chair of the Interstellar Coordination Committee, Mars’ de facto chief executive. Her reputation has become closely entwined with her hawkish foreign affairs stance and her strong anti-AI-stance, the latter dating from her time as Supreme Councillor for Quadrant 5, when she ordered the destruction of the ‘Cerebro’ AI on the GFA world of Over. However, she has also been reponsible for a rapprochement with Earth in recent years which has made many Martians uneasy, and which has been exacerbated by these rumours of secret deals with what many Martians still regard as the ‘Evil Empire’. While she has weathered many political storms during her career, there are signs that the fallout from the Sirius Incident may claim the scalp of one of the most remarkable of Martian politicians.

In Brief: Fake (Q8) declares medical emergency and requests help from ‘the interstellar community’ after outbreak of unknown virus.

In Brief:  Z10 (Q7) votes to rename their world ‘Forty’ in honour of the first President of the New Republic.  National holiday declared.


Sirius Summit T142


of the international summit held on Sirius, T142

President Rachel Kapushinsky, Sirian Socialist Republic,
Chair Centauri Conglomerate: Special Envoy Brent Brent
Free Worlds of the Outer Quadrants: Ambassador Finkelstein
Greater Federation of Asteel: Secretary of State Senator Mohammed Attar
League of Non-Aligned Worlds: General Secretary Thedred Dormammu
Mald Democratic Foundation: Sifu Hatshepsut
Mars Association of Free Colonies: Senator Antoinette Banderas
New Republic: Representative Cavil247
Solar Republic and Empire: Ambassador Jonseog Lee
Union of Xyon: Ambassador Jacob Rice
Venerian Republic: Ambassador End
Wolf 359 Commonwealth: Ambassador Sir Finningly Spade
Supreme Human Commander: Thai Sho Kimota Kasei MSN


1. Progress on ToOL redraft
The Summit Secretariat apologised that this was still not yet
complete, but that they hoped to have something available for the next

2. First Contact Protocol
A working draft was presented by the Wolf 359 Commonwealth, with the
following points:

“This post-detection protocol, is a set of structured rules, standards, guidelines, and actions that governmental or other organizational entities agree to follow in the “detection, analysis, verification, announcement, and response to” confirmed signals from extraterrestrial civilizations.

1.International consultations should be initiated at a governmental level to consider
the question of sending communications to the extraterrestrial civilization.

2.Consultations on whether a message should be sent, and its content, should take place within the context of a Inter-polity summit which should accommodate participation by qualified, interested groups that can contribute constructively to
these consultations.
3.These consultations should be open to participation by all interested States and should be intended to lead to recommendations reflecting a consensus.
4.The final decision on whether to send a message and the content should be made by
unanimous agreement of all polity leaders.
5.If a decision is made to send a message to extraterrestrial intelligence, it should be
sent on behalf of all Humankind, rather than from individual polities.
6.The content of such a message should reflect a careful concern for the broad interests and well-being of Humanity, and should be made available to the public in advance of transmission.
7.As the sending of a communication to extraterrestrial intelligence could lead to an exchange of communications separated by many years, consideration should be given to a long-term institutional framework for such communications.
8.No communication to extraterrestrial intelligence should be sent by any polity until appropriate international consultations have taken place. Polities should not cooperate with attempts to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence that do not conform to the principles of this Declaration.
9.In their deliberations on these questions, polities participating in this Declaration should draw on the expertise of scientists, scholars, and other persons with
relevant knowledge.
10.  When to release information to the public and media should be agreed  unanimously by all heads of state and should be performed as a joint broadcast across all polities
11.  All non-governmental organisations who come in to contact with alien signals, must disclose this information to no one except the authorised governmental authority.
All signatories will introduce new laws and penalties for failures to comply.”

The meeting was generally positive about the tone and detail of the
protocol. The following issuesamendments were raised;

(i) Who should be informed. The meeting was concerned – given that
such contacts might most likely occur in the outer sectors – about the
time delays in sending a signal back to Q0, assembling a meeting, and
only then promulgating news of this contact. It was felt that local
representatives of major colonial powers in each quadrant should also
be informed as a matter of course.

(ii) Timetable for informing others – no more than one octant should
elapse from first contact to a power informing others that such a
contact had occurred

(iii) A pre-agreed ‘pro-forma’ response should be drafted on behalf of
humanity to give locals a basis for communication with aliens. A
working group consisting of scientists, diplomats and polity
representatives will be set up under the direction of the summit to
draft such a response.

(iv) Back-dating of the agreement. Pre-existing contacts are to be

The Venerian Republic accordingly revealed that it had been
in contact with aliens discovered in a crippled vessel at Shi’Ar.
These aliens are now at a secure location on New Venus.
This news led to requests for more information by the summit powers.
an alienThe Venerians revealed that the Narge, as they call themselves, are carbosilicate amorphs who can change their bodily structure at will.
Unfortunately their vessel was destroyed during contact with the Shi’Ar Starguard, and only a handful of survivors were rescued by the Venerian Republic. The ship’s origin was unknown, and the Narge seem
curiously childlike and unable to articulate clearly where they are from. Their ship was however 500m long and nevertheless appeared to have FTL capability. It was armed, and was described by the Narge as a fast ‘light scout vessel’ on a long term exploration mission. The Narge were armed because of conflicts with the ‘Old Enemy’ – they were
unable to recognise these among any of the previously documented alien
species they were shown, nor describe them beyond ‘nasty sharp pointy
narge explorerteeth and claws’. The Narge ship was believed to be at least 100 years
old, and had been drifting in space unpowered for a long time. How far
and how fast it had travelled before it powered down was not known,
but its origins do not appear to lie within the ‘human sphere’ of worlds.
The action of the Shi’Ar government was roundly criticised  by all
present. As a member of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, the LONAW
agreed to convene an inquiry into the actions of the Shi’Ar government, and was content to allow participation in this investigation by summit powers.
The Venerians agreed to allow access to the Narge by researchers of
summit powers. However, they refused to hand over or allow access to
Narge technological items, arguing that if they did, Earth should allow
general access to gravitic drive technology, as this had been reverse
engineered from Boldly Go Alien technology.  The summit briefly
descended into a shouting match about access to alien technology, but
no consensus was reached and this question was agreed to be set aside
for now.

(v) Should there be a standing organisation to deal with alien contacts and act as a central clearing house for information? There was a consensus that there should be, and that this should be separate from existing organisations (UNIT, IFF). The organisation was to be called the Alien Contact Human Executive (or something like that), or ACHE. The Mald Foundation agreed to fund its headquarters, and after a report on the Chosen allayed Sirian concerns about the danger posed by
the Chosen, the summit agreed to locate the headquarters of ACHE on

(vi) Status of non-technological sentient species. Some of these have
been discovered – possibly on Hook (although the evidence for the
sentience of the now-extinct lizard creatures there remains disputed)
and the so-called “Fishmen of Q7”. Drawing a parallel with Terran
cetaceans, it was concluded that absence of technology should not
preclude a species from falling under the First Contact Protocol,
although the MAFC and New Republic reserved their position on this for
now. The GFA offered the expertise of its Protection of Sentients
Organisation to help determine whether an encountered species was
sentient or not, and the Mald Foundation likewise offered its own

(vii) Action of non-signatory nations. There was concern that while
the summit powers represented 90% of humanity, small independent
worlds who were not signatories to the First Contact Protocol could
nevertheless poison relations between all of humanity and a newly
contacted alien species, in much the same way that Shi’Ar appeared to
have done. Citing the precedent of the Stickney Treaty, it was felt
that the First Contact protocol ought to be considered a matter for
all of humanity, which superceded national rights on this issue.

(viii) Conflict with the Stickney Treaty. The question was raised as
to what the protocol should be for dealing with a sentient species
with AI, for which there already existed regulation under the Stickney
2 Treaty (eg, the Shadow Hunters). It was decided that in such cases
the Stickney Treatey superceded the First Contact Protocol.
(ix) Contact with the Chosen. It was decided that – given the ongoing
conflict and the international bodies already set up to deal with it –
the Chosen represented a ‘special case’ and would not fall under the
First Contact Protocol.

3. Grand Fleet
The SHC reported that ships were arriving for this expedition, but he
was still waiting on commitments from some declared interested
parties. He committed to producing a comprehensive summary of existing
commitments for the next summit.

4. AOB
The SHC reported a request from the First Hope Colonial Corporation to
set up a colony on the uninhabited continent of Zubat. The summit unanimously agreed that this request (and all similar ones) should be
rejected in the name of maintaining the existing quarantine on Zubat.
new_model_of_alien_high_precision_transmitter_by_fractalyzerall-d758ewdThe MAFC was concerned that the black hole powering the wormhole at Mystery presented a potential existential threat to humanity. While the AI controlling it has said that it can close the wormhole (with
the black hole on the other side of it), removing the threat, this would involve the destruction of the Mystery site and all archaeology
at it. While the MAFC said that it was content to allow research to proceed there for now, steps should be taken to make sure that Mystery can be evacuated and the wormhole closed at short notice in the case of a potential threat to the AI controlling the wormhole. The MAFC were reassured that such measures were already in place.

There being no further business, the summit was concluded. The next summit is due to be held at Sol.

INN Reports T143

Massive Civil War on T45

Dateline 3217.079  T45 Q3

air battle9eTensions have erupted into particularly vicious warfare on T45.  The main factions are the United Global Government – which until recently spoke for the entire planet and rebellious grouping on the southern continent, calling itself the Independent State of T45 (IST) and made up mainly of the formerly independent colonies of Bright Idea Colony and the T45 Miners Conglomerate.  The issues are confused, the division includes religious element, the south continent is mainly Clewgist and the other continents are majority christianist.  But it also relates to revenues and investment arising from the substantial red mercury deposits on the South Continent, which the IST are claiming are being distributed disproportionately to the large North Continent.  The dispute over revenues has exacerbated religious tensions, of this there is no doubt – but with major naval, air and orbital battles in progress a peaceful settlement seems a long way off.

In Brief: GFA Reported to be preparing to ship ‘voluntary migrants’ to the Draconians in Q7.

Reactor Leak

Dateline 3217.061 Dinks Q2

nuclear-hongkongFollowing reports of a major reactor leak in the outskirts of the main city First Landing, local military have been deployed and a huge cordon has been established keeping everyone out for their own safety.  It is report that there have been over 64 casualties, including a number of engineers and scientists from the nearby Aperture Corporation laboratories.  The Interior Minister told INN “This is completely regrettable and we have launched an immediate investigation.  Sadly, reactor leaks do happen from time to time, so there is nothing especially unusual to see here.”. 

In brief:  Mysterious ‘unofficial’ special forces team rescues heiress from space pirates.

In Brief:  New colony on Kick struggling due to emerging major health issues.

Killikrankie Government Change.

Dateline 3217.059 Killikrankie Q1

Long-standing local government ousted after 15 years in power.  New planetary leader, Gretel McDonald is pro-unity and the expansion of FWOQ.  Killikrankie has been a backbone of the FWOQ, in particular providing a disproportional number of volunteers for the armed forces of this fledgling state.  But its Federal representatives in the Senate have always asserted a strong ‘planets’ rights’ position, maximising the colony’s status as a ‘first 14213among equals’ in the Federation and resisting moves to greater integration or the addition of too many new worlds into the Federation.  The new administration has come about after a radical  volte face in which some of the key proponents of independence have started to support greater unity and outward-looking interstellar foreign policy for the Federation.  This brings Killikrankie into  line with the majority of the other Federation members and has been welcomed by FWOQ President Jackson.

In brief:  Carsh Station, Q7 suffers temporary lockdown due to ‘technical difficulties’

Molass Corruption Exposed

Dateline 3217.085 Molass Q1

paparazzi-5In a sudden complete change of heart, the Governor of Molass has resigned and turned herself over to the authorities and submitted her administration to a full Imperial Audit.  It appears that the system had been taking bribes from criminal gangs and pirates for decades, but as Lady Farquar-Henderson said in a statement read out by her lawyers “I have come to realise that my actions are not without consequences and I have been a thoroughly bad person.  I am ready to take responsibility for my actions and pay my debt to society to the full extent the law allows.  I am guilty of many crimes against the citizens of the Empire and I have not only let myself down, but let the Empire down. “

In the aftermath of Farquar-Henderson’s stunning confessions, over 256 officials in the Molass system have been arrested, and the IAO has put the system under Special Measures while a new governing team can be appointed.

In brief:  Etowam Local Senate  votes for new transhuman travel restrictions law.

Pirate Raid Defeated

Dateline 3217.080 Gunslinger Q8

softwre1What would have been a major pirate raid on the Centauri system of Gunslinger has been foiled by the Gunslinger Starguard.  Using a combination of exceptional orbital manuevers and a sustained misinformation operation, together with a determined starship marine assault – 6 pirate ships were captured, along with around 256 pirates, including the much sought (almost legendary) pirate ship the SS Porceau Noir.  The leader of the raid, Captain Virginia Starstriker complained as she was led away in restraints “… its not fair!  They were only supposed to be rubbish auxiliary marines … if we’d known they were elite special forces … well things would have been different.”.  Despite the criminal captain’s protestations, the local authorities deny the use of special forces or military from out of the system.  The local commander of the marines involved, Lt Colonel Britain of the Safeguard Corporation said “Ha!  Well they would say that wouldn’t they – not wanting to be beaten by a bunch of hardworking ordinary marines.  My girls and boys are special, oh yes – but what is special about them is their professionalism and dedication to their duty.  Our corporation prides itself on high morale and efficiency.”.

But, whatever went down at Gunslinger was a remarkable feat of arms by any standards and military pundits will be studying this operation carefully over the coming octants.

In Brief:  Veterans cry as major memorial of the ‘Martian Intervention War’ of 3127 unveiled on Sturlson Q0. 

In Brief:  Pan-Interstellar Starwatchers Society elects dynamic new President.  He said – “…I will be taking the Pan-Interstellar Starwatchers Society at every opportunity…”

In Brief: Supreme Councillar Banderas refuses to comment on rumours of wrongdoing in office.

Sol Summit Meeting

Discussion in the recent interstellar summit on Earth returned to the issue of creating a United Planets Organisation.  There was little enthusiasm from many delegates for what was seen as a ‘surrender of soveriegnty’, and the session deferred discussion to a future meeting.

The discussion then went on to the issue of creating recognised international laws ans a procedure for multinational extradition.  The Earth Ambassdor stated that there is already a well-established body of legislation that could easily be adopted – all polities would have to do is submit themselves to Solar Republic Law.  There was no general agreement to this proposal.



INN 3217 T142

3217.050 to 3217.099

Space Pirates Defeated by MDF Provost Corps

The Grapevine Q0 : 3217.049

the_space_pirates_by_harnois75At the invitation of the Grapevine South East Island Colony and its neighbouring colonies, the MDF Provost deployed a squadron of interstellar destroyers and intercepted a number of criminal gangs of pirates who were planning to raid the colony and steal valuable forerunner technology recently uncovered there.

A spokeperson for the SEIC said “We are delighted with the pointy head … or .. oops sorry, I mean our Illustrious Neighbours intervention in our defence.  This could have gotten pretty nasty otherwise”.

The MDF Provost captured six illegal armed merchant vessels and around 300 heavily armed pirates, some of whom suffered fatal injuries in their arrest.

The criminals are all been handed over to the SEIC authorities for trial and punishment.  According to some reports, many of the prisoners wanted to be tried under Mald law becaue they are aware that the SEIC courts have a much harsher sentencing policy.  Sifu Addaya from the MDF Provost said “The MDF has no legal jurisdiction in The Grapevine space, and were acting in support of the civil power there in a time of crisis and at their explict request.  This is a strictly local matter.”

Refugee Numbers Grow

f7e1YWCNew Draconis Q7 : 3217.032

The temporary refugee camps have been growing as more displaced transhumans have arrived on New Draconis.  It is estimated that there are now nearly 200,000 displaced transhumans and others in temporary accomodation.

Locals in the town near the camps have been donating food and warm clothing direct to the migrants in the camps – in often touching personal acts of transhumanist solidarity.  There are increasing criticisms of government inaction on the crisis – the most strident critics blame President Forty personally for the entire mess.  A spokesperson for the President said “…it is not the fault of the government.  The President was merely making a general statement of values and principles regarding solidarity with the transhuman community accross Quadrant 7.  It is this generous and warmheartedness of the President that is being warped and mis-used by the Enemies of the Republic.  In particular some Foreign Powers are clearly deliberately seeking to destabilise our fledgling Republic.”  When pressed by reporters to be more specific about which foriegn powers might be acting in this way, the spokesperson merely said “… they know who they are … and so do we”.

Ningi Passes Registration Law

Ningi Q7 : 3217.080

The Ningi Colonial Legislature has passed, with an overwhelming majority, a new law to require transhumans to register themselves with local authorities.  The Cyborg Protection & Registration Act is claimed to be a positive developmnt aimed at ensuring the small transhuman community on Ningi are not victims of harrassment or intimidation.

Safety Alert in New Atlantis

Mystery Q0 : 3217.067

atlantis705Despite the considerable security in place around both the Forerunner homeworld of Mystery, and the New Atlantis site, word is leaking out of some serious concerns about the technology housed in the depths of the ancient submerged city.  Martian military forces have been enforcing a strict quarantine of the planet for many octants now, at the request of the International Forerunner Foundation.  Rumours about as to exactly what has been found in New Atlantis are rife – the most likely being some sort of forerunner AI, but includes ancient and deadly beings, a time machine, to even an enclave of surviving forerunners!

However, there are reports of some sort of gravitic event or tremor in the region which is causing considerable concern locally, with one rumour suggesting that something ghastly “…might break free’.

If this is a major risk, should not the rest of humanity be told?