Sirius Summit T142


of the international summit held on Sirius, T142

President Rachel Kapushinsky, Sirian Socialist Republic,
Chair Centauri Conglomerate: Special Envoy Brent Brent
Free Worlds of the Outer Quadrants: Ambassador Finkelstein
Greater Federation of Asteel: Secretary of State Senator Mohammed Attar
League of Non-Aligned Worlds: General Secretary Thedred Dormammu
Mald Democratic Foundation: Sifu Hatshepsut
Mars Association of Free Colonies: Senator Antoinette Banderas
New Republic: Representative Cavil247
Solar Republic and Empire: Ambassador Jonseog Lee
Union of Xyon: Ambassador Jacob Rice
Venerian Republic: Ambassador End
Wolf 359 Commonwealth: Ambassador Sir Finningly Spade
Supreme Human Commander: Thai Sho Kimota Kasei MSN


1. Progress on ToOL redraft
The Summit Secretariat apologised that this was still not yet
complete, but that they hoped to have something available for the next

2. First Contact Protocol
A working draft was presented by the Wolf 359 Commonwealth, with the
following points:

“This post-detection protocol, is a set of structured rules, standards, guidelines, and actions that governmental or other organizational entities agree to follow in the “detection, analysis, verification, announcement, and response to” confirmed signals from extraterrestrial civilizations.

1.International consultations should be initiated at a governmental level to consider
the question of sending communications to the extraterrestrial civilization.

2.Consultations on whether a message should be sent, and its content, should take place within the context of a Inter-polity summit which should accommodate participation by qualified, interested groups that can contribute constructively to
these consultations.
3.These consultations should be open to participation by all interested States and should be intended to lead to recommendations reflecting a consensus.
4.The final decision on whether to send a message and the content should be made by
unanimous agreement of all polity leaders.
5.If a decision is made to send a message to extraterrestrial intelligence, it should be
sent on behalf of all Humankind, rather than from individual polities.
6.The content of such a message should reflect a careful concern for the broad interests and well-being of Humanity, and should be made available to the public in advance of transmission.
7.As the sending of a communication to extraterrestrial intelligence could lead to an exchange of communications separated by many years, consideration should be given to a long-term institutional framework for such communications.
8.No communication to extraterrestrial intelligence should be sent by any polity until appropriate international consultations have taken place. Polities should not cooperate with attempts to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence that do not conform to the principles of this Declaration.
9.In their deliberations on these questions, polities participating in this Declaration should draw on the expertise of scientists, scholars, and other persons with
relevant knowledge.
10.  When to release information to the public and media should be agreed  unanimously by all heads of state and should be performed as a joint broadcast across all polities
11.  All non-governmental organisations who come in to contact with alien signals, must disclose this information to no one except the authorised governmental authority.
All signatories will introduce new laws and penalties for failures to comply.”

The meeting was generally positive about the tone and detail of the
protocol. The following issuesamendments were raised;

(i) Who should be informed. The meeting was concerned – given that
such contacts might most likely occur in the outer sectors – about the
time delays in sending a signal back to Q0, assembling a meeting, and
only then promulgating news of this contact. It was felt that local
representatives of major colonial powers in each quadrant should also
be informed as a matter of course.

(ii) Timetable for informing others – no more than one octant should
elapse from first contact to a power informing others that such a
contact had occurred

(iii) A pre-agreed ‘pro-forma’ response should be drafted on behalf of
humanity to give locals a basis for communication with aliens. A
working group consisting of scientists, diplomats and polity
representatives will be set up under the direction of the summit to
draft such a response.

(iv) Back-dating of the agreement. Pre-existing contacts are to be

The Venerian Republic accordingly revealed that it had been
in contact with aliens discovered in a crippled vessel at Shi’Ar.
These aliens are now at a secure location on New Venus.
This news led to requests for more information by the summit powers.
an alienThe Venerians revealed that the Narge, as they call themselves, are carbosilicate amorphs who can change their bodily structure at will.
Unfortunately their vessel was destroyed during contact with the Shi’Ar Starguard, and only a handful of survivors were rescued by the Venerian Republic. The ship’s origin was unknown, and the Narge seem
curiously childlike and unable to articulate clearly where they are from. Their ship was however 500m long and nevertheless appeared to have FTL capability. It was armed, and was described by the Narge as a fast ‘light scout vessel’ on a long term exploration mission. The Narge were armed because of conflicts with the ‘Old Enemy’ – they were
unable to recognise these among any of the previously documented alien
species they were shown, nor describe them beyond ‘nasty sharp pointy
narge explorerteeth and claws’. The Narge ship was believed to be at least 100 years
old, and had been drifting in space unpowered for a long time. How far
and how fast it had travelled before it powered down was not known,
but its origins do not appear to lie within the ‘human sphere’ of worlds.
The action of the Shi’Ar government was roundly criticised  by all
present. As a member of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, the LONAW
agreed to convene an inquiry into the actions of the Shi’Ar government, and was content to allow participation in this investigation by summit powers.
The Venerians agreed to allow access to the Narge by researchers of
summit powers. However, they refused to hand over or allow access to
Narge technological items, arguing that if they did, Earth should allow
general access to gravitic drive technology, as this had been reverse
engineered from Boldly Go Alien technology.  The summit briefly
descended into a shouting match about access to alien technology, but
no consensus was reached and this question was agreed to be set aside
for now.

(v) Should there be a standing organisation to deal with alien contacts and act as a central clearing house for information? There was a consensus that there should be, and that this should be separate from existing organisations (UNIT, IFF). The organisation was to be called the Alien Contact Human Executive (or something like that), or ACHE. The Mald Foundation agreed to fund its headquarters, and after a report on the Chosen allayed Sirian concerns about the danger posed by
the Chosen, the summit agreed to locate the headquarters of ACHE on

(vi) Status of non-technological sentient species. Some of these have
been discovered – possibly on Hook (although the evidence for the
sentience of the now-extinct lizard creatures there remains disputed)
and the so-called “Fishmen of Q7”. Drawing a parallel with Terran
cetaceans, it was concluded that absence of technology should not
preclude a species from falling under the First Contact Protocol,
although the MAFC and New Republic reserved their position on this for
now. The GFA offered the expertise of its Protection of Sentients
Organisation to help determine whether an encountered species was
sentient or not, and the Mald Foundation likewise offered its own

(vii) Action of non-signatory nations. There was concern that while
the summit powers represented 90% of humanity, small independent
worlds who were not signatories to the First Contact Protocol could
nevertheless poison relations between all of humanity and a newly
contacted alien species, in much the same way that Shi’Ar appeared to
have done. Citing the precedent of the Stickney Treaty, it was felt
that the First Contact protocol ought to be considered a matter for
all of humanity, which superceded national rights on this issue.

(viii) Conflict with the Stickney Treaty. The question was raised as
to what the protocol should be for dealing with a sentient species
with AI, for which there already existed regulation under the Stickney
2 Treaty (eg, the Shadow Hunters). It was decided that in such cases
the Stickney Treatey superceded the First Contact Protocol.
(ix) Contact with the Chosen. It was decided that – given the ongoing
conflict and the international bodies already set up to deal with it –
the Chosen represented a ‘special case’ and would not fall under the
First Contact Protocol.

3. Grand Fleet
The SHC reported that ships were arriving for this expedition, but he
was still waiting on commitments from some declared interested
parties. He committed to producing a comprehensive summary of existing
commitments for the next summit.

4. AOB
The SHC reported a request from the First Hope Colonial Corporation to
set up a colony on the uninhabited continent of Zubat. The summit unanimously agreed that this request (and all similar ones) should be
rejected in the name of maintaining the existing quarantine on Zubat.
new_model_of_alien_high_precision_transmitter_by_fractalyzerall-d758ewdThe MAFC was concerned that the black hole powering the wormhole at Mystery presented a potential existential threat to humanity. While the AI controlling it has said that it can close the wormhole (with
the black hole on the other side of it), removing the threat, this would involve the destruction of the Mystery site and all archaeology
at it. While the MAFC said that it was content to allow research to proceed there for now, steps should be taken to make sure that Mystery can be evacuated and the wormhole closed at short notice in the case of a potential threat to the AI controlling the wormhole. The MAFC were reassured that such measures were already in place.

There being no further business, the summit was concluded. The next summit is due to be held at Sol.

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